I spent my wekkend installing the LED lights I had just purchased from you some time ago and they are very nice lights and look like the OEM ones they replaced. The taillight is a perfect copy of the original, as I do not like the looks of the "lay back" style as they really don't look good on a dresser. The way the turn signals look they also act as a reflector when off. Now I can see why these lights are DOT approved and worth every penny spent. I waited and debated on the lights and selected your product for the good reason they were DOT approved, I don't believe that many lights will receive the stamp of approval and be street legal.

A properly designed and highly accented with lights dresser can be abusive to the charging system, so to make them light the night and not have a drained battery, the LED light is the greatest invention to come along.

Thank you for a great product.