Taillight Seals for C6 (sold in sets of 4 only)
Taillight Seals for C6 (sold in sets of 4 only)
Item# CV104-TS

Product Information

What is the dreaded drip? The dreaded drip is when you just finish washing and drying your Corvette, everything looks awesome.....You walk around your pride and joy for that one last look and there it is, the DREADED DRIP

It is the water that collects in your tail lights (because GM did not put a seal between the taillight and the body) and then drips out and down the rear bumper 5-10mins AFTER you finish drying your car. It is also the water that collects in the tail lights and attracts all the road grime when you first take your Vette for a spin after a good washing

Southern Car Parts Tail light seals solve the problem FOREVER, guaranteed!!!!! Our tail light seals take less than 7 minutes to install, come with instructions, and are pre-cut to be and exact fit every time. Only tools needed to install them is a T15 Torx head and window cleaner

No gluing as they have a self-adhesive backing. The seals are made from a high quality rubber that is UV resistant, temp resistant, and water resistant....

THE SEALS ARE GUARANTEED FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR CAR. If they ever rot, crack, tear, or fade we will REPLACE THEM FREE OF CHARGE! You will NEVER see the DREADED DRIP again!!!!!

Due to the high success of our original product, there are many "copycat" vendors coming on the scene selling foam weather-stripping to fellow Corvette owners calling them "GM Grade" seals. This is simply not true. Although they are 1/2 the price, this is not the same thing as the Southern Car Parts Seals. They are nothing more the foam weather-stripping and will not accomplish the same thing as our seals.