Adjure 4 1/2 inch Pie Cut Trillient Blue Dot Motorcycle Headlight.
Item# T40743

Product Information

Adjures 4 1/2 inch pie cut headlight features a chrome Tri Bar, a glass blue dot inside a clear glass lens. Our 4 1/2 inch head lamps fit most custom headlight buckets. Adjure motorcycle head lamps are designed in a special computer software program in order to obtain a light beam that shows further down the road and side to side than stock O.E.M. headlights. Most all Adjure motorcycle head lamps are D.O.T. compliant. These are sold each and come with a xenon filled 55/60 watt bulb that burns cooler than stock and gives you a very bright light beam. Because every headlight housing is different our headlamps also come with a 3 wire pig tail adapter and a rubber gasket. Only use these only if necessary.