C6 Grand Sports Super Bright Cove Led Lighting Kit
super bright Cove led lighting kit for the c6 grand sports includes 2 waterproof strips for each side to highlight the 2 "gills" on each fender. this really sets your gs apart from the others! our remote controller is a 4 function remote controller which has a strobe mode and allows you to adjust between 2-7 strobes. the dimming mode cycles from bright to dim back to bright in 4 seconds. the brightness mode has 8 step brightness controls with on/off mode. the fender cove kit comes complete with all wiring, waterproof led strips, 12 ledís per side and 2 extended range remote control fobs. installation requires no soldering or wiring. there are only 2 wire connections to make and both are simple. paint the splash shield behind the cove and the color really "pops"! approx. install time is 1 hr. this will absolutely get your car noticed and turn heads at night! online installation instructions are provided.