L.E.D. Lighting: Light emitting diodes are the perfect lighting for motorcycles. Unlike stock bulbs they do not have a filament to shake loose or break with the vibrations found on most motorcycles. They run cooler, last up to 100,000 hours, draw very little current and they are instant on and off. Safer and less maintenance these are for sure the lights of the future for all lighting applications.

Our Big City L.E.D. hexagon replacement turn signals fit the Harley Davidson flat housings used on all FL Dresser/Bagger models from 1986 to present. These are easy to install you simply remove your stock lens and bulb and plug our unit into the bulb socket, put the 2 screws back in our lens and you are finished. This should take about 4-5 minutes. You will need to install a load equalizer to make them work properly. The Hexagon Pattern matches our LED Taillights. On a stock FL the front turn signals are amber 3 wire (Run & Turn) but on the rear they are amber 2 wire (turn signals only). At night the only rear light on a H-D that is constantly lit is the taillight and that puts out very little light. Our suggestion is that you change your rear turn signals from amber to our red Big City L.E.D.'s and buy our "Plug & Play" Run/Turn/Brake controller. It only takes a few minutes to install and INCLUDES a LOAD EQUALIZER it will turn your rear turn signals into run/turn/brake lights. This will really brighten up your rear end. If you buy our run/turn/brake controller and our Big City Lights you will need to order 2 wire reds for the rear signals.

If you have a football housing turn signal used on all Harley Davidson Softails, FX models 1986 to 2001, go to our "Sales & Blow Out" category to get one heck of a buy. We have only a few left and when these are gone, there is no more.

Harley Davidson Deuce: Our Deuce L.E.D. turn signal units are made by Radiantz and are very bright. These are easy to install and you use you stock lens.

Yamaha: Our Yamaha L.E.D. turn signal units are made by Radiantz and are plug & play (except for the Load Equalizer) and do include clear lenses. See our Electrical category for metric load equalizers.

Load Equalizers: All motorcycles built in the USA must have a warning device that tells you when a turn signal bulb is out. Most of these warning devices will make your indicator blink very fast to warn you. L.E.D.'s draw very little current and since the warning device is triggered by current draw your system thinks a bulb is out when you install them. To make them work properly you must install a "Load Equalizer". A load equalizer is only used for turn signals. If you are replacing your stock brake light or running light with L.E.D.'s you will not need one