Platinum Smoke LED Taillights for Mercedes M-Class/ML 1998 to 2004
Item# LEDT-8001CS

Product Information

What can you say about the M Class Mecedes other than it is an awesome vehicle. It should have come originaly with led taillights, but it didn't. So Adjure Inc. has made some great looking led tail lamps to fit it. Led's are the light of the future. Within 10 years we will be using them in our homes and work places as well as in our streets. We know because we are working on these as you are reading this. Led's run cooler, draw less current (go green), last longer (no more changing blown out bulbs), are much brighter and are instant on and off. So, not only are they more efficient but they are safer as well. For example if you were traveling at 60 mph it gives the driver behind you 120ft more time to react. Looks and safety in one beautiful package. EZ Install!