Platinum Smoke LED Taillights fits Yukon, Yukon XL & Denali 07 & Later
Item# LEDT-611CS

Product Information

Another beautifuly designed led taillight for the Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe and Denali from Adjure Inc. We give you so many choices in designs and styles sometimes it is hard to choose whick one would look the best on your vehicle. They all look as good as they perform. Led's run cooler, draw less current (go green), last longer (no more bulb changes), and check out the safety features. They are much brighter and can be seen at a farther distance that your stock tail lamps. But the safest feature is that they are instant on and off. Example: At 60 mph it gives the guy behind you 120 ft. more time to react to your moves. That much time can save a life.