Platinum Smoke LED & Fiber Optic Tailights fits Suburban, Tahoe  2007 & Later
Item# LEDT-312CS

Product Information

The fiber optic strips are the running lights in this exquisite taillight. The Turn & Brake and the Back-up lights are all LED. These are just gorgeous and will for sure set your car apart from all others. We use led's to light up the fiber optic lights. These were first seen in the BMW 7 Series and they looked so good we decided to make them for other makes & models. Led's Taillights will be on all new cars very soon. They run cooler, use less current (go green), last longer (no more changing light bulbs), and 2 main safety features are that they are brighter (they can be seen from a farther distance) and that they are instant on and off. At 60 mph it gives the driver behind you a 120 ft fast warning as to what you plan to do. This feature for sure is life saving. Buy themn today and you will be glad you did.