Motorcycle chrome aluminum die cast fork clamps for mounting bullet lights, running lights, marker lights and turn signals on 49mm fork tubes
Item# NSFB49K

Product Information

These are die cast aluminum mounts for mounting our Beacons and XL-1 flush mount bullet lights on 49mm fork tubes. They are not really a fork clamp as they are one piece. You need to remove the top nut and the pinch bolt from each fork tube and slide the tube down enough to get the mount on. Then slide the tubes back up into the top tree. We made them this way for many reasons. 1- Clamps always rust where the split is. 2- It also holds wax etc. in the same place. 3- They are much stronger. 4- They look as though they are part of the bottom tree and not an after thought or an add-on. The finish is our 6 step chrome plate and the wires come out the rear so you don't see them. This clamp comes with all the necessary hardware. There is a 5/16-24 threaded hole so any bullet light or turn signal that has this thread and the wires go through the mounting bolt should fit.