HEADLAMPS - 7" 5-3/4" 4-1/2"

All Headlights come with a REPLACEABLE Xenon filled 55/60 watt H-4 BULB (WITH P43 FITTING)

Adjure motorcycle headlights and matching spot lamps are the finest on the market today. We design them in a computer program that allows us to get the maximum distance and side to side field of view and still pass the DOT requirements. We manufacture several different reflector designs such as Diamond Cut, Wave Cut, Pie Cut and Iron Cross. We also offer different styles of each design like our lamps with bulb covers only "ice", chrome Tri-Bars with Blue and Black dots and we also make them with skulls and all of this is on the inside of a clear lens. We build motorcycle head lamps to fit most Customs, Harley Davidson, Victory. All head lamps come complete with a replaceable 55/60 watt H-4 Xenon filled bulb (with p43 fitting) and are DOT compliant in all 50 states.

NOTE-METRIC MOTORCYCLES: If you use our adapter ring P/N T7ORG-A our 7" head lamps will fit 96-10 Kawasaki Vulcan & Nomad, 96-02 Honda GL1500CD Valkyrie and 95-03 Honda 750 Shadow Ace Classic & Deluxe models. Yamaha: Fits some Star models, please call to see if it will fit your bike. Other than the motorcycles listed above if your headlight is adjusted by adjustment screws in the bezel our lamps will not fit.

NOTE: Harley Davidson has changed the adjuster plates on some of their 08-12 FL models and our Diamond cut and Wave cut lamps will not fit without Adjures adjuster Plate P/N# T7ORG-B. Our Pie Cut & Iron Cross head lamps do fit all FL models.


Our 5 3/4" motorcycle head lamps come with a replaceable 55/60 watt Xenon filled bulb (with p43 fitting) and will fit most custom aftermarket and O.E.M. headlight buckets made in USA. They will not fit any headlight bucket that has adjuster screws in the bezel and there is no adapter.


Our 4 1/2" motorcycle head lamps come with a replaceable 55/60 watt Xenon filled bulb (with p43 fitting) and are offered in different reflector designs such as a wave cut, pie cut and iron cross design and will fit most 4 1/2" headlight buckets on the market today. They are the smallest head lamp dot approves for motorcycles. All of the items you see such as tri-bars with black and blue glass dots are actually inside of our lamps. When the lamp is on you cannot see anything but the light beam. These are DOT compliant in all 50 states.

WARRANTY: We offer a 1 year warranty with every motorcycle head lamp we manufacture. The use of higher wattage or cheap blue tint bulbs will void the warranty because they create way to much heat. There are some blue tint bulbs that work well but all are 55/60 watt. PIIA and Wixtech make a 55/60 watt H-4 bulb with a HIGHER RATED OUTPUT of about 80 watts. These will not hurt the life of your lamp and are OK to use.