There are so many things you can do with the electrical items offered today that enhance your vehicle and make it safer. Adjure manufactures lighting and we like to stay with what we are good at. There are other companies out there that are set up to manufacture electrical items, so we offer theirs. We give you a choice of the low cost (Kuryakyn) and the little more expensive "Made in America" (Bad Lands) electrical items. If you can't find what you need here, it don't exist.


Load Equalizer: These are only needed for turn signals not needed if you are going to use led lights for any other purpose. All motorcycles built or sold in the USA are required to have a warning device that tells you when a turn signal bulb is out. This device works on current draw. Led lights and low wattage bulbs draw less current than your stock bulbs and will trigger the warning device so your turn signals will blink very fast. To eliminate this hyper flash you need to install a load equalizer. This will allow the turn signals to flash at the proper speed. Depending on the motorcycle you may need one unit for front and rear but others require one for each.


I feel this is the cheapest item you can buy to make your ride safer. By installing the run turn and brake controller on your motorcycle it will turn your rear turn signals into a 3 function light run/turn/brake. The more light you have in the rear of your ride the safer your trip will be. Let them know your there.