L.E.D. Replacement taillights for Domestic Motorcycles
There is probably nothing worst than being rear ended by some jerk that said he didn't see you. The only light you have on the rear of your bike is the stock taillight and that is not the brightest bulb in the world (kinda like my kid). By upgrading your scooter with our LED taillight you can be seen by everyone behind you. This light is very very bright and easy to install. You just remove the 2 screws on your stock light, remove your lens and bulb, plug your new Adjure taillight into the bulb socket, replace the 2 screws and your done. You will need nothing else to make this work. LED's are instant on & off so it gives the guy behind you a little more warning of what you plan to do. Safety and looks at the same time, now thats hard to beat.