Big City L.E.D. 2 wire amber turn signal replacements for H-D FL models with flat housings (Sold in pairs only)
Item# HH1260-A

Product Information

These 2 wire amber led replacement Rear turn signals for Harley Davidson FL dressers 1986 to present with flat housings. THESE ARE TO BE USED ONLY IF YOU WANT TO REPLACE YOUR STOCK REAR TURN SIGNALS FOR LED.

These high-tech L.E.D. turn signals are D.O.T. compliant and last up to 100,000 hours. They run cooler and draw only a fraction of the current from your electrical system. When upgrading from your stock incandescent bulbs to L.E.D.'s a load equalizer #K48100 (shown below) is required due to the low current draw. Also shown below is our Hexagon pattern led taillights and a run/turn/brake controller. If you want to use the run/turn/brake controller you must use a 2 wire red lens.