4 1/2 inch combo includes our Ventura Hwy. French style smooth chrome motorcycle headlight bucket with our pie cut Trillient blue dot head lamp
Item# HB41010-73

Product Information

Adjures 4 1/2 inch Ventura Hwy. Smooth Chrome motorcycle headlight bucket with French style bezel and our pie cut Trillient blue dot head lamp has that old school look. Looks great on nostalgic choppers and narrow glides. Some like to run two 4 1/2"s side by side. Includes an H4 55/60 watt xenon filled bulb, a polished aluminum 3/4" block mount, a bulb harness and a chrome pinch bolt with chrome washers & nuts. Like all Adjure buckets it features our patented "Phast Lock" system that allows you to assemble and disassemble in seconds without tools, see below. For bullet lights that match view our bullet light section. Fits Harley Davidson, Triumph, Victory, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki. Depending on your make and model you may have to purchase an additional mount.

PHAST LOCK: Our patented method of holding the bezel and lamp in is called the Phast Lock design. Unlike threaded bezels that lock up or cross thread, the Phast Lock assembles and disassembles without any tools in just seconds. Motorcycle buckets have been made the same for years until our Phast Lock came out. Once you use it you will never go back to the old style buckets.

Headlight bucket and lamp combos all come with a 55/60 watt Xenon bulb, bulb wire harness, chrome bottom mount, polished aluminum tree mount with a chrome pinch bolt. The ground wire is already connected to the mounting bolt so all you have to do is to plug the high and low blade connectors into your stock wiring and you are ready to roll.