3 inch Rodeo Dr. smooth chrome French style spotlight buckets with a pair of our MR-16 style spot lamps.
Item# HB31120-2

Product Information

Adjures 3 inch Rodeo Dr. smooth chrome spotlight buckets and a pair of our MR-16 style spot lamps are designed to give the guy with a 5 3/4 inch headlight a spot light option. Beautiful bucket styling with lamps that put out a very good light beam for their size. These can also be used as running lights, fog lights or passing lights depending on where you mount them. These will fit on Harley Davidson, Victory, Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki as they all mount the same. All mounting hardware is included.

PHAST LOCK: Our patented method of holding the bezel and lamp in is called the Phast Lock system. Unlike threaded bezels that lock up or cross thread, the Phast Lock assembles and disassembles without any tools in just seconds. Motorcycle buckets have been made the same for years until our Phast Lock came out. Once you use it you will never go back to the old style buckets.

Note: The use of higher wattage or cheap blue tinted bulbs will void your warranty. They run very hot and can create many problems with your lamp and wiring.