Here's Kudos for a So Cal Company that not only makes a great product but stands behind it regardless. I bought my headlight bucket lamp and all over the internet from a company. First ride out the threaded bezel came off. And of course the only thing the retailer would offer is to sell me another one. I googled around and found Adjure and called. Not only were they friendly but were apologetic for having sent a light out without the loctite needed to hold the bezel on. Shoot it probably wasn't even your fault as I am known to be compulsive "lets take it apart and see how it works" kind of guy and more than likely threw the loctite away. Anyway to make a short story longer you sent me a bezel on your dime and paid freight and told me not to use to much loctite or the bezel would be hard to get off.

I figured the least I could do was to pass the word on about this great little company in So Cal. Great customer service.