Great looks and safety is what Adjure Inc. is all about. These beautiful led taillights for Dodge are a good example. We make them for the Dodge Ram, Dakota, Durango, Magnum and Chargers in many different styles and designs. It is to easy to buy a new vehicle and leave it as is. But the problem is that it looks like all the other stock one's on the road. Make your vehicle yours by putting on the aftermarket accessories you like. LED Taillights not only look great but there are more reasons to put them on, like safety for instance. We also use leds to light up our fiber opics. Led tail lamps run cooler, use less current (go green), last longer (no more changing bulbs), use less current (go green again), are much brighter so they can be seen at a greater distance and are instant on & off giving the guy behind you more warning. For an example if you are going 60 mph it give the guy behind you 120 ft more more time to react to your moves. This is a safety feature that can and will save lives. Led lights are the light of the future and we have them now. Up-grade today and make your automobile safer and look much better and make it your own.