Replacement LED lens unit for Harley Davidson motorcycles, fits 1973 to 2003 with 1157 twist in type fitting
Item# TL-1040

Product Information

Our super bright L.E.D. taillight for Harley Davidson 73-03 contains 44 individual L.E.D. lights. Our kit comes complete with a specifically designed lens with magnifiers over each L.E.D installed into the lens unit that makes each LED brighter and shows more side to side. Includes gasket and stand-offs for different year lenses used by Harley Davidson. This is a "Plug and Play" kit that takes 2-3 minutes to install. Nothing else is need, comes complete. This style has the license plate light on top. Some model Harleys use the same lens but turn it upside down so the license plate light is on the bottom.