Dave sent replacement parts that were not like the parts I had so I sent them back. I am sorry for not returning them sooner but I just opened the box assuming the parts he sent me were the ones I needed. I probably didnít explain myself the way I should have and he sent me free of charge replacement studs for something else. Please donít get me wrong I appreciate the gesture like you wouldnít believe. This type of service doesnít usually happen in this day but is surely noted. I have passed what you did on to every scooter person I come in contact with and they donít believe it either but I think when they buy parts they will look at Adjure before they buy. Iím 64 years old and have owned a Harley Davidson since I was 20. The picture I sent is my latest and I do put a lot of miles on each season. The LED lights are not only one of the nicest additions but everyone can see me now like never before.

Thank you Very Much

Dave Elzea