Crystal Clear LED Taillights fits Chevrolet Silverado (Fleetside) 99 to 06 & Sierra 99-05
Item# LEDT-3039C

Product Information

Who knew? The same led taillight that fits the Chevy Fleetside 1999 to 2006 also fits the GMC Sierra 1999 to 2005. These are great looking LED tail lamps and completely change the look of the rear end. We all know by now the Led taillights are the way of the future. All cars eventually will not only have led taillights but headlights, spotlights, parking & back-up lights as well. Led lighting is the future and the future is now for Adjure Inc. customers. Led taillights not only look better but are much safe than the traditional lighting on cars today. Led's run cooler, last longer (no more changing bulbs) and use less current. The safety features are that they are much brighter (than traditional taillights) and they are instant on & off, giving the guy behind you more warning of what you are planning to do. At 60 mph it gives the driver behind you 120ft. more time to react. It is time for you to up-grade, so give us a call or place your order online. We have several styles to choose from like Crystal Clear, Ruby Red, Platinum Smoke, Carbon Fiber, Clear/Amber/Red, Black/Amber/Red and Bermuda Black.