The Chevrolet Monte Carlo has been one of Chevy's best designed and best looking models since it's creation. Now you can even make it look better by installing Adjure Inc. led taillights. These tail lamps come in several styles so there is bound to be one that floats your boat. These come in Crystal Clear, Ruby Red, Platinum Smoke and Bermuda Black. To me nothing looks better than the Bermuda Black led taillight on a black Monte Carlo. Led's are the light of the future. In 10 years we will be using them in our homes and work places (we know because we are working our these now). Led taillights are so much more efficiant and safe. They run cooler, use less current (go green), last longer (no more replacing bulbs) and the safety features are that they are much brighter and are instant on & off. This gives the driver behind you at 60 mph, 120 ft sooner warning of what you plan to do. This gives him more time to react. Light-up your Monte Calo today with led taillights from Adjure Inc.