Bullet, Marker, Running & Turn Signal Lights Both Halogen and LED
Adjure Inc. offer 3 different types of housing/mounts on our Beans 1 & 2. We have our Universal mount, this mount has a pinch bolt that hold the 3/8-16 mounting stud to the bucket. This way the bucket can be adjusted up & down. For lighting you need to point in a specific place when the mounting post is stationary. The most popular is our Flush mount. This can be mounted just about any place there is a hole. There is a 5/16-24 threaded hole in the housing and a 1 1/2" center drill stainless steel bolt with washers are supplied. You should cut the bolt off to the desired length. A nylon washer is also supplied so you don't scratch your paint or chrome. The last is our Diamond mount and we use a flush mount housing but instead of the bolt a Diamond mount is supplied to mount as turn signals on the stock H-D rear turn signal bar on most all of the H-D dressers. All of our XL1 bullet lights are flush mount and supplied with the same hardware as our Beacons. All of our Bullet lights are sold in pairs. If you use the leds as turn signals you must use a Load Equalizer. The halogen are all single filament so you use use them as turn signals on the front you will loose your running light capability.

Note to Victory Owners: Your electrical system will only allow the use of 10 watt if you use the halogen bullets so you must tell us when you order. There is no problem using the leds.