Bermuda Black LED Taillights for Honda Civic 1996 to 2000 4-Door
Item# LEDT-732B2

Product Information

Our Adjure Inc. design department really shows their creativity on the Honda LED taillights. They come in many different styles for many different years and models. All of them look great. Make your car yours by buying a set of Led taillights along with other accessories we offer. Led taillights are a smart buy, not only do they look great but think of the safety features. The Led's run cooler, draw less current, last longer (no more changing bulbs), are much brighter and are instant on and off. For example if you are traveling at 60 mph it gives the driver behind you 120 ft more time to react to your moves. This can and will save lives. Led lights are the light of the future. Within 10 years or so all home, work place and street lights will be led. We know because we are working on all of these right now. They are safer and save energy. Buy now and you will be happy you did.