Bermuda Black LED taillights for Jeep Wrangler 2007 & Later
Item# LEDT-420-CB

Product Information

A Jeep is a rough and ready vehicle that can pretty much take on any terrain. The problem is that stock lighting is not made for this kind of abuse. Halogen bulbs (stock) go out constantly because they have a filament that is always breaking. Led taillight do not have this problem because they do not have a filament. Adjure Inc. has made led taillights to fit both the Jeep Wrangler and the Liberty. This is the perfect taillight for the Jeep because led's runn cooler, draw less current (go green), last longer (no more changing bulbs), are much brighter (so they can be seen from farther away) and they are instant on and off. Not only do they look much better but they are safer as well. Just for an example if you are going 60 mph and step on the brakes, the driver behind you will have a 120ft sooner warning than he would have had with halogen bulbs.