Adjures Beacon 2 red L.E.D. 3 wire, universal mount motorcycle bullet lights with raised flames and a show chrome finish.
Adjures Beacon 2 red L.E.D. 3 wire, universal mount motorcycle bullet lights with raised flames and a show chrome finish.
Item# NS24016-R3

Product Information

Adjures Beacon 2 L.E.D. 3 wire raised flame, universal mount, red lens motorcycle bullet lights. All universal mount bullet lights come with a center drilled 3/8-16 stainless steel stud that can be adjusted both horizontal and vertical. It has all of the nuts, washers etc. needed for mounting. All you need is a 3/8" hole and your ready to install. These made from die cast aluminum, polished to a fine finish and then given our 6 step double copper show chrome plate. All of the bullet lights on this page have a raised flame chrome finish. We use the same color L.E.D.'s as the lenses, this will allow you to use a clear lens if you want. You must request a clear lens when ordering. They are offered in 3 different mounting styles so make sure what you need before ordering. All of our beacon motorcycle bullet lights are sold in pairs only. With our different mounting brackets they will fit Harley Davidson, Victory, Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and just about any and all motorcycles. They also work great on street rods, hot rods, ATV, boats, big rigs and anything that needs lighting. If you are not sure exactly what you need give us a call. Our friendly staff is waiting for your call. Also see our motorcycle halogen bullet lights.

Victory Owners: When you change your turn signals on a Victory you can only use a light that is below 10 watts. Our L.E.D.'s are not even 1 watt so there is no problem.

Turn Signal Use: If the bullet light are going to be used as turn signals you will have to use a load equalizer in order to make them work correctly. See our "Electronic" page.

RSS Design: The way we hold the bezel to the housing is called our RSS design which stands for Reverse Set Screw. There are 4 threaded holes 90 degrees apart on the housing of all of our motorcycle bullet lights. According to the way you mount the bullets, you put the set screw in the bottom hole with a drop of blue thread locker (included) and screw it in until it is flush with the housing. You then push the bezel over the o-ring until it is flush with the housing so that the hole in the bezel lines up directly over the set screw. You then turn the set screw counter clockwise (loosen) until it is tight against the bezel. No more lost bezels!

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