Beacon 2 Replacement Bezels
Item# B2BZL

Product Information

We are always trying to make a better mouse trap. When doing so sometimes you make things more complicated. Since the first day we made our Beacon Bullet light we have been looking for a better way to hold the bezel on. We have changed the design 3 times. We think we now have the best method and don't think we will change it again.

The first Beacons we made we used threads to hold the bezel on. Through a screw up with the machinist we used 3 different threads. (WE DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THESE LEFT)

The first change was to hold the bezel on with a nylon rod using the same Phast Lock method we now use for our Head & Spotlight buckets. We did not like this design at all. We found that the Phast Lock works great on larger buckets but we did not like the way it worked on the smaller one's. (WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE OF THESE LEFT)

The second and hopefully the last time we changed the design was to a "Hidden Hole" design. This is where the set screw is in the housing under the bezel. The bezel pops over an o-ring and the .070" hole in the bezel goes over the set screw. You place the Allen wrench into the hole and loosen the set screw tightening it against the bezel holding it onto the housing.

So you can clearly see that to order a replacement bezel you need to call us to make sure you get the right one the first time around at 888-966-9333.