5 3/4" Diamond cut Trillient custom automotive head lamp with chrome tri-bar and a glass black dot
Item# T50304-A

Product Information

Nothing looks better than a Classic, Street Rod or Hot Rod. And there is nothing you can buy to finish the detail on a custom like head lamps and or headlight buckets from Adjure. This head lamp features a chrome tri-bar with a glass black dot. Adjure has designed and built a large variety of head lamps and buckets for classic cars and trucks. All of our headlights have a clear glass lens and some have skulls, glass blue dots an glass black dots on the inside of the lamp. We offer diamond cut, wave cut and our pie cut and our latest the Iron Cross. Check out our Gallery for photos on cars.

The 5 3/4" head lamps will fit all cars with 4 round headlights made from 1935 to 1984. They are pretty much plug and play if you buy a couple extra bulb plug harnesses. It is much better to do this so you don't have to cut on your stock wiring. The reason is your outside lamps are high & low beam (3 prong) and your inside are high beam only (2 prong). They are sold each.