Adjures Custom 4 1/2" Spot, Running and Passing Lamps
Adjure Inc. builds our motorcycle spotlights or spot lamps to match our headlights. These are also called running lights, passing lamps etc. Most motorcycles like Harley Davidson, Big Dog, Victory, Honda and Kawasaki have 4 1/2" spot lamps. Yamaha for some reason has 4 3/4" spotlights and our lamps will not fit. The best thing to do is to replace the Yamaha stock spotlight buckets with a copy of the Harley buckets made buy Chris Products and others. Then you can use any spot lamp. Most all spotlight buckets use the same mount and hardware.

Warranty: The use of higher wattage or blue tint bulbs will void the warranty. However there are some blue tint bulbs that do work well. Call us to find out which ones work.