Adjures Custom 4 1/2" Motorcycle Headlights
Adjure motorcycle headlamps & (matching) Spotlamps are the finest on the market today. We design them in a computer program that allows us to get the maximum distance and side to side field of view and still pass the DOT requirements. We demand looks and performance from our production people and that is what we get. We offer many different models such as Diamond Cut, Wave Cut, Pie Cut, Facet Cut and Iron Cross.

Please note that lamps (not just ours but all lamps) under certain conditions can and will fog up. I cannot list all of these types of conditions but here are a few. If you wash your bike after riding when the lamps are still hot, if there is a lot of humidity in the air and if you wash your bike with hot water they can fog. Because these are not sealed units they can suck moisture into the lamp. Most of the moisture will stay on the lens unless you turn the lamps back on, then it will move to the reflector and that is not a good thing. You want to clean it out while the fog is still on the lens. You can do this by using a 50/50 mixture of (only) denatured alcohol & distilled water. Remove the bulb & fill the lamp with the mixture then swirle it around several times to clean the lens and then blow it dry. Make sure to remove all the mixture or it will move to your reflector and make a rainbow spot when you turn your light on.

Warranty: The use of higher wattage or blue tint bulbs will void the warranty. There are some blue tint and higher wattage bulbs that work well. Call us to find out which ones work.